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Helping Mothers-to-be have healthy babies

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Evidence is mounting that what you eat and feed your baby in the first 1000 days can have significant effects on your pregnancy and may leave a permanent imprint on your baby's future health. We call this "Fetal Programming".

Good nutrition starts in utero.



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Food determines fertility and protection of progeny - Ancient Wisdom                     


DNA is NOT your destiny and Science is catching up


What if you knew....YOU have the power to 

  • Improve your chances of conception

  • lower the chances of your baby developing chronic diseases later in life (Eg. diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, allergies)

  • lower your chances of pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes.


Would you eat differently?


In a world often filled with standard brochures and so much conflicting advise, The Pregnancy dietitian firmly believes that every woman deserves comprehensive and individualized guidance that is culturally appropriate, simple, sensible and sustainable.

We offer specialized private consultations - face-to-face (Perth based) and online across Australia, tailored to your unique needs

Ready to take the first step towards a healthier pregnancy?​


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                   No Hype. No Fads. 
             Real Science. Real Simple.

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The Pregnancy Dietitian

Hi! So nice to meet you! I am Shyamala Vishnumohan (AKA Dr Shy) Doctor of Food and Nutrition (PhD, The University of New South Wales, Sydney), Accredited Practising Dietitian and Consultant based in Perth. As a Certified Prenatal Dietitian, I have a passion for evidence- based pregnancy nutritionGestational diabetes and inclusive plant-based eating. I have spent more than 15 years in the fascinating field of plant foods from paddock to plate including hands on research into folates and folic acid, arguably the most discussed nutrient in pregnancy.

The genesis of "The Pregnancy Dietitian" arose during the global pandemic, in collaboration with Perth Maternity, to address the critical need for proactive and evidence based nutrition support for mothers and mothers-to-be. My mission is firmly rooted in Nutrition Science and traditional wisdom with the focus on empowering women with accurate and perosnalised nutrition information. It is a non-judgemental and culturally inclusive space to celebrate women and empower Mothers and Mothers-to-be by providing the latest nutrition knowledge and strategies so you can cut through misinformation and make informed choices for you and your baby.


I work one- on- one with clients and also share nutrition information on a mass level by working with media. 

Cheers to raising a healthier happier next generation!

Testimonials - "Our State On a Plate" Australian Television Program.

"Best segment on the show. Love the straight talking, too much misinformation out there." - Our State On a Plate

"Dr Shy is brilliant! I really admire her top tips & expertise on nutrition, she sends the message very clearly, well done Dr Shy!" - Our State On a Plate

"Dr Shy Thankyou.. Just turned on 9.. I started taking notes.. Such simplified, credible knowledge of health, food and nutrition.. .. Thank You.. from Qld.." - Our State On a Plate

"Wonderful message Dr.Shy. U have explained the big and a complicated fact in a very simple and clear way... Lovely video's. Looking forward for more...." - Our State On a Plate

"Dr Shy give us some of your good recipes please. I enjoy your segments on health & nutrition." - Our State On a Plate




For every mother, a health baby;

for every baby, a healthy and supportive community. 


Perth Maternity is a collaborative maternity service aimed at providing you with accessible, personalised care close to home. Endorsed midwives offer Bulk Billed appointments within community based clinics where you will have direct access to a GP Obstetrician within the service.




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The Pregnancy Dietitian

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No. 1 Monticola Gardens, Aubin Grove, WA 6164

Tel: +61406874569

Fax: +61863703167

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