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Life is complicated, Food doesn't have to be
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      Healthy YOU. Healthy Baby
 NOW is the time to upgrade your diet with customised nutrition support that is simple, sensible and sustainable -  A gift you can give your baby, your family and yourself now and for many more years to come
Private Nutrition Clinic for Mothers and Mothers-to-be for an empowered Pregnancy - Before, During and After

 Food determines both fertility and protection of progeny - Ancient Wisdom   


Science is catching up - Nutrition and diet have been shown to improve fertility by almost 70%. Evidence is also mounting that what you eat and feed your baby in the first 1000 days can have significant effects on your pregnancy and may leave a permanent imprint on your baby's future health. We call this "Fetal Programming". Good nutrition starts in utero.


What if you knew....YOU have the power to 

  • Improve your chances of conception

  • lower the chances of your baby developing chronic diseases later in life (Eg. diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, allergies)

  • lower your chances of pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes.


Would you eat differently? Unfortunately you can't get everything you need from a prenatal vitamin. You certainly don't have to sacrifice your food and culture to achieve good health.


Let me show you HOW?                                                                       


                   No Hype. No Fads. 
             Real Science. Real Simple.
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Meet Dr Shy

I am a Private-practise Dietitian/Nutritionist and Mum with a passion for evidence based pregnancy nutrition.  I have a PhD in Food and Nutrition from The University of New South Wales, Sydney. I have spent more than 15 years in the absolutely fascinating area of Nutrition researching plant based foods and isolated nutrients (Folic acid & Folates) and bioavailability (how much body can absorb). 

As a Food Scientist, I have worked with Australian Farmers growing whole foods and also with Food Industry that use nutrition research to create food products. This has given me rich insights into foods from paddock to plate but also into the crowded field of health and wellness with  misinformation and fads spreading like "wild fire". During my career, I have also worked with  hundreds of Health Care Professionals educating them on the cutting edge research in breast milk, infant formula, gut microbiome and probiotics. 


What I have uncovered is a wide gap between Nutrition Science and marketing.  I saw first hand how the simple act of eating has become unnecessarily complicated. There is conflicting and outdated nutrition advise with disregard for long standing pregnancy food traditions of other cultures resulting in "nutritionism" (a trap we fall into when we focus on particular nutrient eg. vitamins, minerals, proteins etc in foods instead of focusing on food itself) - leading to poor food choices and missed opportunities to nourish mother and baby optimally. 

All these diverse experiences have brought me organically to this truly holy ground - reaching Mothers directly in the midst of life's most beautiful mystery with a whole food approach rooted in Nutrition Science while celebrating the traditional wisdom perfected over generations for a healthier and happier next generation.

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Dr Shy has a natural ability to translate complex science into simple, everyday messages that engage; benefiting the wellbeing of audiences across all media platforms. She works with brands (food and other)- that align with her nutrition philosophy and is available for content creation and media opportunities
Testimonials - "Our State On a Plate" Australian Television Program.

"Best segment on the show. Love the straight talking, too much misinformation out there." - Our State On a Plate

"Dr Shy is brilliant! I really admire her top tips & expertise on nutrition, she sends the message very clearly, well done Dr Shy!" - Our State On a Plate

"Dr Shy Thankyou.. Just turned on 9.. I started taking notes.. Such simplified, credible knowledge of health, food and nutrition.. .. Thank You.. from Qld.." - Our State On a Plate

"Wonderful message Dr.Shy. U have explained the big and a complicated fact in a very simple and clear way... Lovely video's. Looking forward for more...." - Our State On a Plate

"Dr Shy give us some of your good recipes please. I enjoy your segments on health & nutrition." - Our State On a Plate



For every mother, a health baby;

for every baby, a healthy and supportive community. 


Perth Maternity is a collaborative maternity service aimed at providing you with accessible, personalised care close to home. Endorsed midwives offer Bulk Billed appointments within community based clinics where you will have direct access to a GP Obstetrician within the service.




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