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Our Story

Food that we eat impacts THREE generations.

Did you know that your grandmother carried part of you inside her womb?


But HOW?


Well, a female foetus is born with all the eggs she will ever have in her lifetime. So, when your grandmother was carrying your mother in her womb, you were a tiny egg in your mother’s ovaries. 

The three of you have been connected for a very long time.

Women are AMAZING! and good nutrition starts in utero.


There is arguably no time more important to have optimal nutrition than during pregnancy and working with mummas-to-be to change the genetic programming for the next generation is one of the most important differences a dietitian can make!!! This is why I founded the Pregnancy Dietitian.

My career as a pregnancy nutritionist unfolded rather organically – As a recipient of the PhD International Post Graduate Research Scholarship, I spent my 20’s in a white lab coat at the University of New South Wales, Sydney researching folates, a vital nutrient for a healthy pregnancy.  


My unique background with a dual qualification as a Food Scientist and Nutritionist landed me in the consulting space where I worked with Australian farmers, Health Care Professionals, Innovative food companies, Government, Industry organisations and Not-For-Profits, making nutrition science accessible from Paddock to plate. This exposed me to the crowded field of health and wellness, the gap between science and marketing, nutrition misinformation, "nutritionism" and fear of food. Eating has become unnecessarily complicated.

Well, while working at Nestle in the infant nutrition division, I learned something that solidified my passion for prenatal nutrition. Children born to mothers with uncontrolled gestational diabetes are more likely to be obese and have an 8-fold higher risk of prediabetes/type 2 diabetes at 19-27 years of age. Soon Epigenetics and how a mother's diet can affect her baby's risk of health problems later in life became my bed-time reading. It became clear to me that DNA is not destiny and Science is catching up.

 Sadly, I saw Mummas-to-be were not leaving their health care provider’s office with the best information on nutrition to make proactive and informed decisions. If they were lucky they received the standard brochure emphasizing on what not to eat. That to me is a HUGE missed opportunity to change not only the course of pregnancy but the lasting effect it could have on the child!!!

All of these experiences combined with solid understanding of food and nutrition from multiple angles have brought me to this truly spiritual ground – reaching Mummas and Mummas- to- be directly in the midst of life’s most beautiful mystery.

The Pregnancy Dietitian is here to inspire and empower every Mumma (Mumma-to be) to be educated with evidence based research so you can be an informed and confident member of your prenatal healthcare team and have the pregnancy you want. 

I am a professional member of Dietitians Australia, Nutrition Society of Australia, a life long member of Indian Dietetic Association and was appointed as an Ambassador for Jamie Oliver Food Revolution, a global campaign to fight chronic diseases through the power of food education. I live in Perth in Australia with my husband, two children, a fish tank and a beautiful garden with olive trees, curry leaves, lemon and lime trees and Kumquats. 

Education, Training & Memberships


PhD (Food Science and Technology)
The University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia. 

(Recipient of the highly competitive International Post Graduate Research Scholarship)


Masters (Food and Nutrition)

PSG College of Arts and Science (Bharathiar University)

Coimbatore, India

1998 -2001

Bachelors (Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Service Management)

PSG College of Arts and Science (Bharathiar University)

Coimbatore, India


Nutrition Therapy in Pregnancy 

Early Life Nutrition Alliance, Melbourne, Australia


Dietitians Australia, Indian Dietetic Association

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