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     Dr Shy Vishnumohan PhD APD

        Media Dietitian


SPECIALITIES: Women's Health, Pregnancy Nutrition, Gestational Diabetes and Inclusive Plant based eating.

Dr. Shy is not your average dietitian - she's a nutrition powerhouse, a dynamic speaker, a creative recipe developer, and a trusted nutrition consultant with dual expertise in Food Science and Dietetics. With a deep passion for promoting Women's Health, Pregnancy Nutrition, Gestational Diabetes management, and embracing the power of plant-rich foods, Dr. Shy is at the forefront of reshaping the conversation around nutrition.

Working hand in hand with media outlets and industry leaders, Dr. Shy is paving the way for a healthier food landscape. Her expertise and insights are transforming the way we think about nutrition, and she's here to share her wisdom with you.

Whether you're looking for an engaging speaker, delicious and nutritious recipes, or expert guidance on all things nutrition, Dr. Shy has you covered. She's available for a wide range of opportunities, from TV presentations to captivating keynote speeches, from crafting mouthwatering recipes to conducting interactive cooking demonstrations, and from forging meaningful brand partnerships to hosting unforgettable events.

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Industry Projects & Brand Work

COOROW SEEDS – Led Initiatives in the pulse space for global market expansion into India, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Srilanka, United Arab Emirates, developed recipes, navigated complex international food regulations to drive growth and innovation in the food Industry.


Association uniting Industry leaders and led the creation of a compelling brand and a forthcoming website to enhance accessibility and credibility of nutritional information and regulatory compliant content for Australian Lupin Bean. Served as an Expert Consultant for Grain Legume Nutrition Council's National Educational campaign to promote Lupins as Food in Australia 
FIRST SPOON – Supported the Launch of 3 innovative baby food products with an infant nutrition start-up business, supplying 30+ Pediatric hospitals and delivered evidence based nutrition communications to help achieve increased engagement and impact for the food business. Website:
GRAIN INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA –  Delivered pre-competitive market access strategies and nutritional marketing tools to foster business development and sales of an under-utilized novel pulse with unique health benefits as a premium high value product, to support the State’s efforts to transform the industry from feed to food (Funded by Australian Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources) 
MY PROVINCIAL KITCHEN – Australian Sweet lupin Research/ content creation/ Messaging for Australian Television and online platforms.
NESTLE AUSTRALIA – Nutrition Advisor in charge of educating health care professionals (Midwives, Lactation consultants, Child Health Nurses, General practitioners, Pediatricians, Practice Nurses, Pharmacy Nurses ) on the benefits of breast feeding, Science behind infant formula, Gut health and research on probiotics.
RAW EARTH PRODUCE – Research and content creation for Health Care Professionals and Australian Television.
SATHYA OLIVE OIL – Community Engagement on the Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
THE SANDALWOOD NUT COMPANY – Rescued a new product development project for a Western Australian start-up business launching a range of WA sandalwood nut products for the Japanese market. Improved the sensory profile of the product and provided nutrition content support for a successful launch.

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